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Theater for life

Prachyanat, named by Selim Al Deen, meaning ‘Theater of the East’, is a non-profit theater group based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The group was founded in 1997 with a passion to break out from the traditional theater practice of that time and make a change. For more than two decades Prachyanat has been following its goal successfully and has become one of the most prominent and well-acclaimed theater group in the country.

Our Mission

Prachyanat does not create plays just for the means of entertainment of the audiences. Rather, each of the group's play deliver a message in support of a positive change in the contemporary restless, waring society.

Our Vision

Prachyanat dreams of making theater a hub of communication where an interaction between the performers and the audience create a balance in life's philosophy and harmonize it throughout the realm of the social perspectives. 

Prachyanat School of Acting and Design

Starting in 2001, Prachyanat School of Acting and Design runs a six-month long theater workshop twice a year where a candidate learn about the basics of acting and design both theoretically and practically.

Music Ensemble

Music has been an integral part of Prachyanat’s theater practice. From the beginning Prachyanat has emphasize its philosophy of music along with its productions. So, they have arranged a lot of music program in theatrical manner and has even been invited by different TV channels and radios to perform their music. Prachyanat and music – they sound together.   

Music Ensemble, a musical arrangement by Prachyanat has been a popular event of the team apart from its theatrical performances. The initiative of Music Ensemble, with the title ‘Phool, Pakhi o Nodir Gaan’ started under the coordination of Rahul Ananda to represent the local and folk musical essence of Bangladeshi Music. Turned out to be a unique project by a theatre group, ‘Phool, Pakhi o Nodir Gaan’, which roughly translates as ‘The songs of flowers, birds and rivers’ became so well-acclaimed that the team of musicians had been invited to perform in Nepal for the ambassador of Bangladesh. Later, ‘Phool, Pakhi o Nodir Gaan’ team also performed to represent Bangladeshi Musical culture to the King of Bhutan when His Excellency visited in Bangladesh.

Following the success of ‘Phool, Pakhi o Nodir Gaan’, Prachyanat has later produced musical arrangement titled ‘Surer Bhelay Aagun Khelay’ that represented the songs related to the Independence of Bangladesh, ‘Shrabone Aagun’ that represented songs of Monsoon etc. ‘Surer Bhelay Aagun Khelay’ is coordinated by Neel Kamrul, while the latter one is coordinated by Rifat Nobel.   

Prachyanat for Children

Theatre has a remarkable potential to expose to children a fascinating and colorful world. Bengali dramatic literature, especially that written for children, is rich with pearls. These plays are both enjoyable and informative in form and topic. Prachyanat launched the program “Prachyanat for Children” to familiarize our children with this rich tradition and to use theatre as an aid to formal education at school. Prachyanat has developed a number of plays aimed primarily at school-aged children as part of this program. This is a one-of-a-kind effort because no other mainstream theatrical group is known to have undertaken a similar program for children

Global Collaboration

Prachyanat has been involved in workshops, collaborative works and participation in international festivals from its very early years. These collaboration and participation has not only enriched the knowledge and experience of the theater group but has also helped the members to develop themselves beyond the traditional theatrical practice of the country. 

Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement has been an important wing of Prachyanat’s communication and collaboration with various sectors of media. Prachyanat views this engagement as one of the way of branding theater practice into the corporate world. In this regard, Prachyanat has been involved in presenting theatrical performances in various corporate and cultural events through agencies and organizations.

Happy Clients

Prachyanat's Blog

In this section of our website, you will be able to read various articles written by the members and friends of Prachyanat, regarding Prachyanat’s plays and other events. 


A glimpse of the media coverage prachyanat has received

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