উঠান নাটকের মেলা | Festival of court-yard drama

Mahala Magan 1

মহলা মগন ১


মহলা মগন ১ | Mahala Magan 1

Festival of in-house plays of Prachyanat which were initially staged on the rehearsal floor.  

Mahala Magan 1

আ নিউ টেস্টামেন্ট অব দি এনশিয়েন্ট মেরিনার

A New Testament of the Ancient Mariner

Author : Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Dramatization and Direction : Farhad Hamid

Premiere Show: 

25 June, 2009

Prachyanat Rehearsal Floor, 22, Dilu Road, Magbazar, Dhaka -1217

‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ is a tremendous epic poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. We read this text as a short story in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) syllabus. As we present the story in our drama , an old sailor who happens to stop by a marriage ceremony while strolling tells the tale about his last journey to a curious young man. He tells how killing an Albatross changed the fate of his men and himself. Albatross is believed to bring good luck for the sailors but the old sailor killed an albatross in his journey a long ago . As a result, the sailors on the old man’s ship were cursed with scarcity of drinking water and died. The moral of the story is ‘one must have love for all the creations of God’.

I agree with the moral but I have also added a bit of my interpretation and thought in the storyline of this play. In my opinion, humans can sometimes bring blessings for others by sacrificing their own life.

The dialogues of this play are in English. I believe the performers gave good effort. Thanks to all performers on and off the stage who turned my dream into a reality.

Farhad Hamid

Heera Chowdhury (Old Sailor/ Columbus)

Asaduzzaman Suman (Young Man/ Edmond) 

Sanjida Anwar Preeti (Linda/ Albatross/ Woman) 

Shahriar Ferdous Sazeeb (Stanley/ Thunder Voice 1)

Kazi Rajesh (Charley/ Thunder Voice 2)

Allen Shuvro Gomes (Simon)

Hashnat Ripon (Peter)

Set and Light : Hashnat Ripon

Props : Jakir Hossain Jony

Costume : Sheikh Pavel Mehedi and Farhin Haque

Music : ABS Xem

Keyboard : Neel Kamrul

Percussion : Rifat Ahmed Nobel

Chorus : Farhin Haque and Sabrina Aupe 

Translation Assistant : Jyotirmoy Das

Leaflet and Poster : Mumit Mahbub 

Production Manager : Al-Amin Khandaker



Concept, Arrangement and Direction : Saiful Islam Jarnel and Monirul Islam Rubel

Premier Show: 

12 October,2008

Prachyanat’s Rehearsal Floor, 22, Dilu Road, Magbazar, Dhaka -1217

Outer view inside the inner view

We are the men of one life
Yet, we have thousand minds
Are the dreams of different colors
These are surrounded by drapes
Just like it is in a bioscope!

From daily life to the whole of it –
In Dreams
In Love
In Joy
In Faith
The effect and magnificence of the modern bioscope exist everywhere.
You and I may support it or not. Well, at least we can talk about it!
This is one such effort of us, to utter our thoughts.
It is only up to you to decide whether it has become ‘amazing’ or not.

Saiful Islam Jarnal and Monirul Islam Rubel

Monirul Islam Rubel (Man 1)

Saiful Islam Jarnal ( Man 2) 

Set : Rinkon Shikder

Light : Rafiqul Islam

Music : Shariful Islam, ABS Xem, Rifat Ahmed Nobel, Parvin Sultana Kolly, Neel Kamrul

Props : Ferdous Eti, Asaduzzaman Sumon, Al-Amin Khandaker

Choreography : Parvin Sultana Kolly

Photography, Leaflet and Poster : Mumit Mahbub



Play and Direction : Rinkan Shikdar

Premier Show: 

02 December, 2008, Tuesday

Prachyanat’s Rehearsal Floor, 22, Dilu Road, Magbazar, Dhaka-1217

** This play is dedicated to the memory of Sanjiban Shikdar.

If it is known that he is no more,
then the search for him becomes as certain as death.
I heard, he was here once, so he went back …
But the quest still goes on
I search for him or for someone else
The quest does not end
Even after knowing the inevitable truth
There are some truths like the fairy tales
They are born out of faith, even though it is more than a truth
Yet, this quest goes on…
Keramat…oh… Keramat…

Rinkon Shikder

Rifat Ahmed Nobel

Mohammad Rafique

Hashnat Ripon

Nasir Ahmed Shimanto

Akhtaruzzaman Shawon

Jayita Mahalanabish

Set : Rinkon Shikder

Light : Abul Hashnat Ripon

Music : Rifat Ahmed Nobel 

Music Assistance : Saiful Jarnal, Bilkis Jahan Jaba, Jayita Mahalanabish, Ayesha Shanta, Farhin, Aupe, Sourov

Leaflet and Ticket : Mumit Mahbub

Production Manager : Asaduzzaman Suman



Play and Direction : Rinkon Shikder

Premiere Show: 

31 July 2008, Thursday

Prachyanat’s Rehearsal Floor, 22, Dilu Road, Magbazar, Dhaka -1217 

A conversation.



Our wholesomeness, our struggle of life, our fight for survival.

The questions that arise from the depth of mind…???

The answers…

They turn out to be some sonorous sensations whistling through the ether. 

Obstacles … 


Or opportunities … 

I look beyond the window. 

“May the Almighty Bless Us All” 

Mitul Rahman

Rinkon Shikdar

Ayesha Begum Shanta

Set : Rinkon Shikdar

Set Arrangement : Jakir Hossain Jony

Light : Hashnat Ripon

Music : ABS Xem, Rifat Ahmed Nobel

Props, costume : Rinkon Shikdar, Bhola, Jaba, Shanta, Aditi 

Production Manager : Asaduzzaman Suman 

পাতার খেলা

Patar Khela

Play and Direction : Rantik Bipu

Premiere Show

3 July, 2008, Thursday

Prachyanat’s Rehearsal Floor, 22,Dilu Road, Maghbazar, Dhaka-1207

… This is a game, a game of leaves. In the open fields, under the banyan tree or by the bank of the dried up river would this game be arranged long ago. Snake poison would be soaked into the stem of a banana tree through worship and spells. The poison would pass into the leaves of the trees from the stem. In this game, each leaf was treated as a human individual. The snake charmer would then compete with each other to show how many leaves aka human bodies each could poison.

The tradition of this game is now almost extinct. The game is not set to play in the calm air of the late afternoon anymore. But, in another sense, is the tradition really lost? Or, is the game still being played within the society, just in an altered gesture, in a different pattern? In this set of inhouse play, we have been trying to seek for the truth of it in this whirl of time.

Rontik Bipu

Mohammad Rafique

Hashnat Ripon

Rifat Ahmed Nobel

Akhtaruzzaman Shawon

Mominur Rahman Monti

Jayita Mahalanabish

Ferdous Eti

Sabrina Aupe

Set, Light and Costume : Abul Hashnat Ripon 

Light Projection : Allen Shubra Gomes

Music : Rifat Ahmed Nobel

Music Application : Uttam Chakrabarti, Saiful Jarnal, Ayesha Shanta, Neel Kamrul, Farhin Haque, Sushanta, Sohel, Opu, Nurul

Tune collection : Rantik Bipu, Neel Kamrul

Choreography : Snata Shahrin

Leaflet and Ticket : Mumit Mahbub

Production Manager : Hashnat Ripon



Concept and Direction : Heera Chowdhury

Premiere Show: 

25 September, 2008

Prachyanat’s Rehearsal Floor, 22, Dilu Road, Magbazar, Dhaka -1207

Improvisation is a very common word in theatre. The actors apply the technique of improvisation to avoid any unexpected or accidental moment while acting on stage. Also, it is a very comprehensive exercise to practice improvisation for the learners and beginners in theatre. There is a belief that the person who improvises well is indeed a good actor. This play is a test of improvisation for the actors. May the audiences have patience and prayer for the performers.

Heera Chowdhury

Parvin Sultana Kolly

Rifat Ahmed Nobel

Set : Sumon Habib, Rifat Ahmed Nobel

Light : Abul Hashnat Ripon

Music : ABS Xem, Rifat Nobel, Shahriar Shaon

Costume and Choreography : Parvin Sultana kolly

Leaflet and Ticket : Mumit Mahbub