22-26 March,2013 | National theater hall and experimental theater hall,Dhaka, Bangladesh

প্রাচ্যনাট নাট্যমেলা ২০১৩ | Prachyanat Theatre Festival 2013

A five-day long theater festival to celebrate the 15 years journey of Prachyanat. The slogan of the festival was ‘Rupantarer Rupkalpa, Drisshe Odrisshe 15 Bochor’ which signified the seen and the unseen transformation and maturity of Prachyanat’s activities as a theater group. 

প্রাচ্যনাট নাট্যমেলা ২০১৩
Prachyanat Natyamela 2013

রূপান্তরের রূপকল্প - দৃশ্যে অদৃশ্যে ১৫ বছর
Vision of the transformation - the seen and the unseen of the 15 years

‘The five-day long Drama Festival ‘Prachyanat Natyamela 2013’ was the third and last event in the year long celebration of Prachyanat’s journey of 15 years as a theater group. The festival took place simultaneously in two venues – National Theater Hall and Experimental Theater Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy with multiple events happening – staging of plays, performance art, theatrical improvisation, musical performance, choreography and installation. The participating theater groups along with Prachyanat in this festival were – Dhaka Theater, Nagarik Natya Sampraday, Natyakendra, Theater, Aranyak, Theater Art Unit, Pranganemor and Subachan Natya Sangshad. Each day, two artists exhibited a performance art at the Shilpakala Academy Premises. They were – Sanjoy Chakrabarti, Saleh Mahmud, Harun-Ur-Rashid Tutul, Tejosh Halder Josh and Farah Naz Moon. Meanwhile, CMA Orchestra and Sparsha Music Orchestra performed musical pieces in two days of the festival. Besides, Prachyanat staged two of its play, presented their musical ensemble, performed theatrical improvisation ‘Vomra’ and organized ‘Lal Jatra’ during the festival.